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Our Philosophy

We at Our Garden Products pride ourselves handling products that are for the well being of individuals.

Our Moringa and hemp products are from plants that have been around in use for 1000's of years in ayurvedic, native American and Asian culture. They are not meant to replace or be medically prescribed but to aid in overall good health. Please check with your physician regarding taking any non prescribed products. These products are not endorsed by the FDA.

Our plant food is formulated with a series of manures and natural ingredients which we feel is better for the environment. Miracle Pooh, our flagship product, is manure with humic acid, and mycorrhizae.

We believe in having fun and making money and sharing how to grow successfully with our loyal customers. We have built up quite a following over the past 8 years that we had been doing business in various farmers markets and on line.

Carmel Monti, The Grand Pooh Bah.