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Hanging Bamboo Gardens

Bamboo Gardens come with notches that catch a terra cotta pot by its lip. There are 3 models of hanging gardens, one for 2 pots, 3 pots and 4 pots. All have a rope to enable the hanging gardens to be hung from a hook, a tree limb, fence etc. Larger units can be custom ordered, i.e. 6 holes.

Each hanging garden is sealed with heat on the garden which brings out a natural silica, or glass substance from the bamboo itself helping it weather the elements.

Pricing is as follows:

2 notch is $22.00

3 notch is $30.00

4 notch is $40.00

Please call me or write me on my email to order whatever you want and I will give you exact shipping costs.

941-518-0239 or

[email protected]